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about us

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KALIMORI GROUP is a group of companies with 100% social commitment. The companies in the group work for profit not for dividends focused on achieving our purpose of CHANGING THE WAY WE LOOK AT DISABILITIES. They generate labor inclusion spaces and a different way to make business.

KALIMORI GROUP is made up of:

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KALIMORI is a safe and adapted community for people with intellectual disabilities where each one of our members can reach their full potential by participating in various workshops and learning different sets of skills.

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ISANA promotes real products by selling vegetables and free range eggs, generating an awareness of where our food comes from in our daily diet. Kalimori residents participate in every area of our production.


Located in Malinalco, Mexico, CASA PIXAN offers a unique experience of awareness and empathy for our guests. It also provides a space for the members of Kalimori to carry out pre-employment activities in the field of hospitality and services.

In Kalimori GroupTHE VALUE IS IN THE DIFFERENCE were we recognize that what makes us different is the value we add to the world.

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